Where were you when I needed company?. Who will continue the project?. When will I do what I do?

Only through team we can achieve success.

But this team does not have why single fund. It is to set key that people have the levers that drive sales and other business functions.

Can I achieve success with only my people?. Can I organize mixed teams between my people and external experts in the project in question?

The Human Resources department in an organization is, maybe, one of the most indispensable, However, many people do not know what actually their functions, as some believe they are only for recruitment, payroll issues and internal messages.

The truth is that there are companies in Spain that have actually reduced the raison d'etre of HR at very operational functions.

Among the main functions of the Human Resources area are:

– The economic part, It refers to compensation

– formative, which provides training and development

– The normative, which oversees regulations and personnel management policies

– dynamics, leading to selection, engagement, adaptation and performance evaluation

– Wellness, which it refers to occupational health, safety at work, transport, feeding, recreation, among others.

It is attracting and retaining talent, train and develop, assess performance and implement fair compensation schemes. further, ensuring safety and health at work, and work for the general welfare of employees.
The main thing is to understand the business strategy and objectives and from there build a strategic plan to support the achievement of organizational goals. Understanding collaborators, their interests, motivations and dreams.

Similarly, contribute to strengthening the values ​​of the company and creating a suitable climate and culture.

Increasingly, companies are aware of the importance of incorporating and maintaining their teams qualified personnel to reach the achievement of its objectives.

Despite the efforts of entities to enact rules governing labor relations, there are still many gaps and inconsistencies that hinder its implementation in organizations.

In a changing economic environment like ours, we often find that companies limit the budget of the areas of Human Resources, in the first instance by cutting training programs and emotional wages.

If you want to survive and remain in the market – especially in challenging times – the first thing that should be strengthened is the development of the people who make organizations and give them tools to improve their performance towards more and better results.