Project Talent Retention

It is a large company that offers services to its customers.

Young people are joining it enter the lower scale of the company and to the end of the first year of work, the superior, evaluates them.

From the result of the evaluation may occur one of the following three, and only three, decisions:

  1. The person climbs up category =
  2. The person leaves the company = out
  3. The person was transferred to work towards the side =

We are hired to assist in the evaluation and accompany the process of changing a person of interest in particular that is young and talented. Perhaps a little immature eyes of his superior. The Director of the company we charge: “we must get to stay with us, but that overcomes its limitations and learn from this higher”.

Evaluation of the person shows that you must improve your skills and choose a side transfer. It is communicated to the applicant and he verbalized his anger and said he deserved an increase of category.

The main function of our recruitment had come. We had to build a bridge of streamlining the decision by the evaluated with the objective to remain at the company for a second year because it was interesting for the company and for the evaluated.

After a period of coaching of the evaluated and its new top; one process improvement assessment system; a small modification on the compensation system; and other progressive rectifications; it was possible that the assessed stay, lograse matured and increased category with great contributions to the company.