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The unstoppable transformation in which companies are embedded current differentiation becomes a key factor of competitiveness, and also the axis that will enable the success of the business. For this reason, the role of the Department of Operations of a company is crucial to position itself in the market, add value and not fall behind in an environment of constant innovation.

The growth of the market makes must also find new ways to increase sales, so every day to a greater extent, responsible businesses need the involvement of all departments that have the greatest impact on business performance.

These departments, Operations area is undoubtedly one of the most important, and it is crucial for the proper functioning of any company. Those responsible should have the necessary skills to maximize all resources and maintain constant communication with the rest of divisions, in order to look at the company as a whole and carry out initiatives to strengthen its market position.

In this sense, the Operations Department is considered as an element of management of the company it has a significant direct on productivity, both organizations sector industry and services.


Do we operations hierarchy always, by networking I, o a mix between ambas?:

What we need today it is a new and powerful element to face the challenges of increasing complexity and rapid change. I have seen as I, the solution that works surprisingly well organized system is a second network as -more akin to the solar system a new company that the pyramidal structure of an already matured organization capable of generating agility and speed. Instead of being a drag, It becomes a powerful complement to the hierarchy of an organization more consolidated, which it is released in order to pursue what you do best. In this way, Company management is simplified, at the time the strategic change accelerates. It is not about choosing one of the two systems, but the two to work in harmony. A dual system.

It is a dynamic structure: primary and secondary initiatives converge or diverge as circumstances require. While a typical hierarchy does not usually change much from year to year, This type of network is constantly changing and easily. Since no bureaucratic levels, prohibitions control or order type and Six Sigma processes, network encourages a degree of individuality, creativity and innovation that can never provide a hierarchy, even less bureaucratized and directed by the brilliant team. A being managed by a transverse portion of employees at all levels and departments of the organization, the network releases information silos and hierarchical estates, allowing it to flow much more freely and faster.