We are a social enterprise initiative that develops business projects for different companies with the collaboration of successful professionals.

Our philosophy is based on: good work deserves to be paid, You choose how much. We aim to become an organization that is financially sustainable long term and that all companies in the world have this service at your fingertips.

The team is led by Miguel Ruiz (Bachelor of Engineering and ESADE and IESE alumni) . His work is to evaluate the project or business problem and certify the quality of the consultant.

With his extensive experience he is responsible for analyzing the projects and make a plan consistent with them. Besides advise you to achieve your goals.

And free? Yes. Because you decide how much worth your time and your work.

We have a new way to understand the market. It is therefore, this project Social Entrepreneurship It is consolidating as a business model capable of responding to this new social paradigm: Companies with needs and managers with knowledge and ethical attitude.


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