Robots vs People

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Francisco Bermúdez "We must be afraid of the digital divide, no robots”


This is an article that pretend to help people navigate through this new paradigm where we go: a society “net” en el sentido de que cambia su forma permanentemente adaptándose con rapidez al continente ( society in which it operates with its services or products).

The step of solid phase to the liquid phase of the twenty-first century is characterized by a constant and continuous process des-regularization affecting all areas of life: the family, politics, the rules, friendship and, Of course, the company.

El procesolíquidosupuestamente orientado a mejorar y alcanzar nuevas cotas de bienestar, is leaving the way many valuable element for the company. Un ejemplo son los empleados de mayor edad y experiencia que sonexpulsadosde la empresa sin haber realizado un proceso de traslado del valor que contienen a los jóvenes que se incorporan. You have left the company all the knowledge employee who retired?. We care more about what they see those who remain in the company that marching.

Robots are not the enemy; as the machines were not at the beginning of the twentieth century. Machines provided us improve living conditions and greater longevity. Good management automation work will lead to improvements in quality of life.

¿Los empleados que se han mantenido en la empresa han aprendido algo del proceso delicuefacciónde la empresa?. They have explained to them and they have understood the need to adapt to the market?. Have you been given the opportunity to contribute ideas to the process of necessary change in the company?. To run the ineradicable residue of increased insecurity and anxiety at work?.

Si tu empresa tiene unos órganos de gobierno familiares es aún más importante si cabe el asegurar un buentrasiegode experiencia y valores a las nuevas generaciones.

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