AI : Artificial intelligence 2020 applied to business

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A new business era has been arriving over the past few years, It has accelerated in the 2019 and will do so more strongly over the decade of the '20. You are ready?. Are you willing to battle the Amazon, Netflix, Glove, Airbnb, Infojobs,… among many others?.

We would like to invite you to watch a video of one of the world leaders we learn:

This is the approach you are given the smart organizations to AI : AI + our people are the best team.

The AI ​​appears with the panacea of ​​the future because it is more accurate analyzing data from past human brain itself. Leave our only business decisions to AI, It would be like driving a car looking through the retrovisior. En esta nueva era del conocimiento hemos pasado delCuadro de Mando Integral”, predictions based on in-depth analysis by the AI + It enrichment of our teams of people to AI data so that we propose. Yes, “se nos propongapara que permitamos que el cerebro humano considere el resto de parámetros a tener en cuenta, especially ethical.

AI project in our company should incorporate computer technicians, our business experts, ethical and legal specialists, coordinated by an internal expert to manage the project and ensure the consistency of the transformation of business into an income that adds value to the company.


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